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How to Create Your Own Country Home Interior

If you are looking to add a bit of country to your home interior this spring, but don’t have a large budget, you will be happy to know that a few well-placed accents can go a long way. This article looks at the key ways in which you can create your own country home interior with a contemporary twist.Window TreatmentsOne of the easiest ways to achieve a cozy cottage feel is to change the window treatments. Try replacing a contemporary curtain with a sheer panel drape with a long, flowing valance on a wrought iron curtain pole. Country cottages bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, so forgo the blinds and heavy draperies to let the sunshine into your living area. Look for inexpensive wrought iron pieces to coordinate with the wrought iron curtain pole. A wrought iron candelabra is a great addition to a country sitting area.D├ęcor and moreAnother quick and easy way to transform a room into a country space is to update the pillows on the settee. If your goal is to create a cozy cottage look, consider bold floral patterns with light colors and coordinating stripes or blocks.Look for inexpensive artwork at discount stores to replace older pieces that may not fit into the new look. Country framing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simple frames made from old wood add a touch of whimsy.Walls and flooringConsider repainting walls if you currently have a dark color in place. Using light-colored settee covers can also brighten up the room. Country homes typically have light colors and hues of white scattered throughout the living space.If you have hardwood flooring covered by a modern rug, consider replacing the rug or doing away with the rug altogether. Browse flea markets or local artisans for area rugs with a shabby chic look.Bring the Outdoors InIf you have a garden, be sure to bring in a variety of cuttings to scatter around the room in vases. But don’t have to stop there. Bring some outdoor furniture into your living area as well. A worn rocking chair from out back can add country appeal to any room. Consider adding flower boxes to outside windows as well. You will enjoy watching bees and ladybugs work as you lounge inside. Another way to bring nature closer to you is to place a bird feeder near the window.